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How do I claim, use, and share my Ticketmaster tickets?
Claiming & Using My Tickets
I Didn't Receive the Email to Claim My Tickets
Transferring My Tickets to Guests
If a Team or Venue uses Ticketmaster as its primary ticketing partner, their ticket portal is “powered” by Ticketmaster, meaning you can use your Ticketmaster credentials to log in and access the ticket(s).

Most Teams & Venues have their own Ticketmaster ticket portal that is separate and not linked to the regular Ticketmaster.com portal. The tickets can only be accessed through the Team/ Venue’s specific ticket portal.

Tickets for all Teams and Venues that use Ticketmaster portals can be managed and scanned on a mobile device via the Team/ Venue app or on your mobile web browser.
Claiming My Tickets

1. Your seller will transfer the tickets to you and you will receive an email from the venue/ team with the ticket transfer offer.

Be sure to check your inbox. Mobile transfer emails can sometimes be found in your promotion, junk, and spam folders.

2. Click the "Accept Tickets" link in that email via the Team/ Venue app or on your computer.

3. Sign in or create an account with the email you used to purchase and claim the tickets.

4. SUCCESS! The tickets will now be on your mobile account.

Using My Tickets

On event day, sign in to your account via your phone’s web browser or the Team/ Venue app, pull up the QR codes, and scan them at the gate for entry.

Using an iPhone or Android? Save your ticket to Apple Wallet or Google Pay to enter faster and avoid slow or busy WiFi.

Note: Your tickets CANNOT be printed. Tickets must be scanned on a mobile device, when logged into your account via your web browser or Team/ Venue app.

What If I Didn’t Receive the Email to Claim My Tickets?

The ticket email would have come from the Team, Venue, or Ticketmaster - be sure to check your inbox. Mobile transfer emails can sometimes be found in your promotion, junk, and spam folders.

If you don't see the email, the ticket offer should be waiting for you in Team’s/ Venue’s specific ticket portal. To access the tickets, you can 

   1.Find your Team’s/ Venue’s ticket portal link in our Knowledge Base.

     NFL Ticket Portals 
     Amphitheater Concert Ticket Portals

     2.Open the link and sign in or create an account with the email address that you used to purchase the tickets

     3.Click “My Events” or "Manage Tickets" to go to your tickets/ events page.

     4.Once on your ticket/ events page, the ticket offer should be  waiting at the top for you to claim them.

Transferring Tickets to Guests

1.Log into your Team/ Venue account via the app or on your computer.

2.Select the event you would like to transfer tickets for.

3.Manually enter a recipient's information (name and email or phone number) or select from your phone's contact list.

4.Tap Transfer. An email will be sent to you confirming your transfer. You can easily cancel a transfer that has not been accepted by clicking “cancel transfer” next to the ticket in your ticket account.

5.Your recipient will receive a notification via text or email, depending on if you used their email address or phone number to transfer the tickets, where they’ll be prompted to claim the tickets into a new or existing Team/ Venue account.
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